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Important Things That Must Be Done When You Got Promoted
Thu, 25/01/2018 - 10:24
Important Things That Must Be Done When You Got Promoted

Got promoted is one of the great things that all employees dream of. Because got promoted is not just about the bigger paychecks, but also the evidence of the company's recognized your work performance. You must be excited and more productive when you got promoted to the position that you want.

If you just got promoted, you should do these 4 important things in order for the quality of work and relationships with colleagues and subordinates to keep going well.

Avoiding Arrogant Attitude

It is undeniable that the attitude of arrogance and bossy is often shown by newly promoted people. Such a thing is certainly very annoying. Your coworkers and subordinates will be annoyed with this arrogant attitude. So you still have to be as natural as possible. Do not hesitate to do the things you usually do when you have not got promoted.

Do Not Hesitate To Offer Help

A good boss will understand the difficulties of his subordinates. Boss should offer help or guidance in accordance with his capacity. This principle is what you must understand as a new boss. Do not hesitate to offer help to subordinates who do need it. Make sure that you are not impressed with favoritism when helping your subordinates.

Reorganizing the New Workspace

Do not hesitate to rearrange your new workspace, because the atmosphere of the new workspace will support your productivity. Ask for help from cleaning staff at the office to clean up unused objects or change the location of furniture in your room. If you are in director position, there's nothing wrong if you replace the old director's chair if it feels uncomfortable. But if the quality of the old director's chair is still good, you just need to adjust the location so you feel more comfortable.

Take Time to Chat with Colleagues

Having a private work space is not an obstacle to have a conversation with colleagues. Sometimes you can approach your coworkers and subordinates to talk about fun things. This simple action will keep your relationship and coworkers in harmony. Later on, your colleagues or subordinates will not hesitate to express opinions or new ideas about work in the office.

Remember these four important things from now on. So you won’t be an annoying boss in the office. Your performance as a boss will always be good with subordinates who are satisfied with your leadership.

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