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Few Things That Can Disturb Your Meeting
Wed, 17/01/2018 - 10:24
Few Things That Can Disturb Your Meeting

Meeting is one of the important agenda that can’t be missed. At office, working hours often used to complete personal tasks. So, meeting is very important to collect ideas form team members. Company goals also can be easy to achieve if team members always solid.

Therefore, do not let a problem makes the smooth meeting disturbed. Few things that can disturb meetings should be handled properly so it won’t affect team work quality.

Late Meeting Participant

We recommend that you and your team get used to starting meetings on time. Do not let any meeting participants who are late disturb the meeting, because participants who are late making meeting agenda should be reviewed again. Such a trivial thing will certainly hamper the smoothness of the overall meeting.

Meeting Duration Is Too Long

In fact, nobody likes having meeting for too long. Turns out meeting for 20 to 40 minutes are effective for all employees. Meeting too long will only make employees lose focus, sleepy, not even catch the purpose of meeting properly.

Stiff Meeting Atmosphere

Stiff meeting atmosphere is not a good thing for employees. Rather a stiff meeting atmosphere makes new ideas difficult to appear. It would be better if the meeting was done casually but still serious. There's nothing wrong with making simple games or playing short videos related to meeting purpose. A nice relaxed atmosphere will make employees more focused during the meeting.

Inadequate Meeting Room Facilities

Do not underestimate the meeting room facilities in your office, Because of inadequate facilities will disrupt the meeting. You certainly do not want the presentation to be annoyed just because the technology device is broken or difficult to operate. Moreover, the selection of the meeting table and chairs must also be considered. Compatibility of Meeting table size with the capacity of the room will support the comfort of the meeting atmosphere.

Unpleasant experience at the meeting will not be experienced again by your team if this four things interfere can be overcome well. A pleasant meeting will not be a horrible moment for employees in the office.

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