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Must Know! 5 Things That Affecting Employees Productivity
Wed, 17/01/2018 - 10:24
Must Know! 5 Things That Affecting Employees Productivity

Every company would want their employees to be productive at work. But unfortunately this does not always go smoothly. Besides of personal factors derived from each employee self, there are also some important things that can affect employee productivity.

If a company understands these 5 important things well, increasing employee productivity will not be difficult.

Messy Office Condition

You have to make sure that the condition of office must be clean and comfortable. A messy office turns out could cause bad mood and high risk in spreading disease, Because disease-causing microorganisms are so easy to hide in dirty and messy places.

The Boss Desk Are Too Close To Employees

In fact, not all employees can feel comfortable when they are too close to their boss. Especially if employees work space and the director's desk is not sectional. As a result, employees feel that their performance is constantly being watched. This uncomfortable feeling will lead to decreasing work productivity.

Excessive Working Hours

Some of developed countries impose a system of short working hours every day, because basically the concentration of worker can’t last too long. That is why imposing excessive working hours in the office does not necessarily make the employee's performance better. It would be wiser if the office hours were applied properly. There are even certain divisions that can be given flexible working hours every day of the week. This is more effective in supporting employee comfort and productivity.

Tense Working Atmosphere

No one likes a tense work atmosphere. A more intimate and pleasant relationship should fill the workplace every day. Therefore, employees will be more comfortable to express opinions and ideas to the progress of the company.

Unfair Competition among Employees

It's not a secret that unhealthy competition among employees makes the working atmosphere not conducive. Employees who are involved in unhealthy competition usually focus on dropping their rivals. So the job not resolved with good intention. The relationship between coworkers become not harmonious because they felt greater.

Has the office environment supported your productivity?

If not, then you should take the initiative to fix it. Having a comfortable working environment will support your work performance every day.

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