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Pay Attention of These Things When Arranging Office Meetings
Tue, 24/10/2017 - 10:24
Pay Attention of These Things When Arranging Office Meetings

Not only office space in the office that must be considered comfort. The meeting room should not lack of attention. Because that room is a place to do together brainstorming ideas with other workers. The atmosphere of a comfortable meeting room and support the needs of work must make workers more productive. If you want to realize a comfortable office space, pay attention to the following things:

Know the Types of Spatial Meeting

The most commonly used spatial layout types are theater model, class model, U model, and circular model. Theater model can be realized by arranging seats to a common focal point, just like in a movie theater. Meanwhile, to facilitate the interaction between meeting participants, U model and circular model more desirable. The meeting participants are free to watch the presentation and interact with each other through the two spatial patterns. Meanwhile, the classroom layout is similar to theater but with an additional workbench for every two to three seats.

Using Advanced Technology Tool

Advanced technology devices such as audio systems, projectors, and screens are very important to support the smooth meeting. You also do not have to waste time when hold a meeting with other colleagues. Even the use of advanced technological tools also makes you more confident when having presentations in front of business clients.

Set the Natural Lighting System

You certainly do not always make presentations at meetings. So, the natural lighting system in the meeting room is also important. So that the conference room is brighter and supports the effort of electricity saving. Do not forget to equip the meeting room with adequate thick curtains. It can help to block out the light from the room when you are going to make a presentation.

Prepare Modern Stylish Furniture

Modern style furniture in the meeting room will also support the comfort of the meeting participants. So, just prepare furniture with the capacity that suits with office needs. Clean the furniture regularly so the material will be more durable and looks like new. Concentration during the meeting will be well preserved if the body feels comfortable.

Feel a more enjoyable and effective meeting experience with the well designed meeting room. Although it takes a long time in the meeting room, You will not easily get bored and the concentration is always stable.

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