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The Secret To Be Authoritative and Pleasant Boss
Tue, 24/10/2017 - 10:24
The Secret To Be Authoritative and Pleasant Boss

It was not the time to be bossy and scary boss. Because it will not have a good effect on improving the productivity of the workers. It would be more effective if you become a figure of a boss who is both authoritative and fun. Actually it is not difficult to become the figure of a boss who liked the workers. Some of the following secrets will help you behave appropriately when dealing with subordinates in the office:

Providing Specific Task

No worker likes to be assigned an obscure task. You should try to provide specific information to your subordinates. If you are able to explain a task in detail, then you have good competence as a boss. Do not hesitate to check the results of your subordinate's work several times to help him find errors.

Have a Good Humor

Being a boss does not mean to be rigid and look unfriendly to be respected. You can display the impression of fun if you have a good sense of humor. The sense of humor will increase your relationship with subordinates. So your subordinates do not hesitate to ask for directions or discuss many things about the job.

Do not Keep Distance with Subordinates

Before you occupy a position as a boss, you used to be a subordinate. Just like the position of the workers who are now under you. This assumption makes the position of director's desk or the manager's desk near the desk of the other workers. Many quality office furniture products are specially designed to facilitate this. So there is no distance between superiors and subordinates. You will more freely control the work or joke with the other workers. There will be no sense of pride or bossy attached to you.

Stay Consistent with Discipline

A boss should certainly show a strong commitment to discipline. Give examples to subordinates about simple discipline matters. Not coming to work late, making appointments with others, and completing a job on time is an example. Do not hesitate to give proper sanctions to subordinates who are neglected to be disciplined while working.

Now, let's recall again about the impression you show to your subordinates. Not too late if you want to change the impression. If you succeed in showing authority in a fun way. Increased productivity and career advancement will soon come to you.




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