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Fastest and Easiest way to clean your desk
Thu, 05/10/2017 - 10:24
Fastest and Easiest way to clean your desk

Working desk is a reflection of his user. A clean working desk reflect that you are a person who concern about health. However, so many persons still not aware about the neat of the desk. Until your working desk become messy, dirty and not interesting.

If you want to clean up your working desk, these are few easiest ways to help you clean up your desk.

Get rid the useless things

People love to put so many things on their desk so they can easily find and use it. Even though that things is making your desk look messy. You can keep stuff like stapler, writing tools, and your documents on the drawer. This will make your desk looks clean and tidy.

Wipe your desk with clean towel once a week

Do not rely on cleaning staff to clean up your desk. Instead you should maintain the cleanliness of your desk independently. Clean up your lovely desk once a week. You will find pile of dust on your desk. Wipe it clean using wet micro fiber towel then wipe it dry using clean towel and then you can put your stuff back on your desk. High quality office desk wont seems interesting if you not regularly clean it up.

Remove unused memo

Sticky note is effective as a reminder of work schedule. But sticking too many sticky notes will make your desk looks so messy. Get rid of unused sticky notes. It would be better if you write it down on a agenda book so your desk will always nice and tidy.

Reduce your table decoration

Your desk decoration somehow can make your desk dirty because dust and other dirt be easy to slip on the sidelines of your stuff. You may place one or two decorations like photo frames or flower pots. But make sure that the decorations are also cleaned regularly. Your desk will look minimalist and not excessive if not decorated with many stuff.

Now, try to remember the condition of your desk at work.

If the condition is still messy and dirty, do not forget to clean it immediately. You will feel comfortable and more eager to work if your desk is always clean.

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