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Must Know! These Trivial Things Make Wood Furniture Damaged Faster
Mon, 02/10/2017 - 10:24
Must Know! These Trivial Things Make Wood Furniture Damaged Faster

Wooden furniture is always in demand to support the comfort in the office. Wood furniture will give homy and comfortable impression for anyone. Although interior design trends always change, wood furniture is still a mainstay.

Caring for wood furniture is not difficult. But you must know things that risk damaging wood furniture. Do not let wood furniture in the office easily damaged due to minor negligence. Let's refer to the following reviews!

Exposed to Direct Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight risk damaging wood furniture. Wood texture will become weathered and the color fade quickly if exposed to sun exposure. So, wooden office furniture should be placed in a safe place from the sun. Also try not to be placed near to the window. Because sunlight that enters through windows also has the same risk for wood furniture.

Frequently Exposed to Water

Do not underestimate the water droplets that affect wood furniture. Water is the main enemy of wood.  If wood furniture is often exposed to water, the texture of the wood will definitely change and its strength decreases. You definitely do not want the wooden office furniture in the office become weathered and can not be used anymore. Make sure that wood furniture is never exposed to water in large quantities. You are also obliged to use coasters or tablecloths so the water not directly drop on the surface of the furniture.

Dusty Surfaces Are Rarely Cleaned

Furniture that is left dusty will look dull and dust can become a stain. The dust that sticks to the surface of wood furniture should be cleaned regularly. You just have to prepare a micro fiber cloth to clean it. In addition, mini vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the sidelines of furniture that is difficult to reach.

If there is a stubborn stain on wood furniture, use a little warm water and dish soap. Rub the stain with a toothbrush slowly until the stain fades. Do not forget to also dry the furniture surface so that the warm water you use does not damage the wood texture.

Hot Food or Drink

Laying hot food or drinks on the surface of the furniture risks stain that is difficult to clean. You have to be careful when putting something hot on the furniture. It would be better if you set up a special pad so that no stains are left on the surface of wood furniture.

Based on this information, you certainly do not confuse again to take care of new furniture made from wood in the office. Your work space became more comfortable with the existence of quality wooden furniture.

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