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Do you have a studio apartment? but want to have a multifunctional space? with this wallbed your studio apartment room will become more functional, not only to be used as a place to live, but can be your workplace (when the bed is closed) or what we usually call SOHO (small office home office), as we know, the apartment SOHO has a fairly high price, so take advantage of your studio apartment just by using a wallbed can make it similar to SOHO, you can use it to work during the day, and a comfortable place to stay at night.


- Cabinet, table, rak : Plywood finishing HPL

- Construction : Square hollow, Metal Plat finishing Powder Coating

- Mattress : Queen Size 160x200x25cm

for video please watch :


- https://www.instagram.com/p/B5SJ5_6Aqtt/?igshid=1runuvovdndh7

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