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Want to Stay Healthy While Working Overtime at the Office? Here's the Solution!
Mon, 28/08/2017 - 10:24
Want to Stay Healthy While Working Overtime at the Office? Here's the Solution!

Dense routine work in the office is often forced you work overtime.So that all the work can be completed on time according to target.If you have to work late in the office, you still have to pay attention to your own health. Do not get tired easily and get sick because often overtime.

Keep healthy when frequent overtime in the office is not impossible.The following solutions will keep you vibrant and healthy during overtime:

Choose the Most Comfortable Seat For Yourself

Many people still don’t know that the quality of the office chair also affects comfort and health while working.Because your comfort is not determined by the size of the office chair, but by the quality of materials and design.Enduro has a wide selection of office chairs that are ergonomic and stylish.In addition to supporting your comfort, office chair from Enduro is also harmoniously combined with any interior style.So, do not hesitate to replace your work chair with the comfortable one.

Drink Enough Water

The brain needs enough water intake to concentrate well when you work.In addition, the body also needs water so that the metabolism and digestive system take place smoothly. So, you must consume enough water while overtime.Do not let the busyness make you forget to drink.Limit the consumption of soft drink and drink enough water all times.

Reduce Sweet Snack Consumption

Sweet snacks can improve mood.This certainly feels important when you have to work late in the office.Unfortunately, eating excessive sweet snacks will make the body hoard calories.As a result, the risk of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases will increase.You may eat a sweet snack as long as the amount is not excessive.Complete the desire to eat a sweet snack by enjoying various types of fresh and nutritious fruits.

Do not Neglect Physical Activity

You should still prioritize physical activity even if busy by overtime activity.Sitting for hours at work will make your muscles and joints tense.The solution, take a break for a moment while stretching your body or walking around the office.If possible, set aside time in the morning or weekends to exercise regularly. So that your body feels more fit and ready to work overtime in the office.

No need to fear when you hear the word overtime. Prepare your physical well in order to stay healthy, creative, and passionate when overtime in the office.Finish all of your works on time so you don’t need to work overtime.

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