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5 Things To Make Office Room Cooler Without AC
Mon, 28/08/2017 - 10:24
5 Things To Make Office Room Cooler Without AC

It feels upset if you have to work in a hot office. Your concentration will be decrease and make you uncomfortable. Though it is not difficult to make your office room cooler. In fact, office room can be cooler without AC. You will feel comfortable and feel like home when you stay at cool room. If you want to make it, let’s look 5 important things below!

Build More Air Ventilation

The air ventilation system in office room should be considered carefully. Make sure you have good air ventilation system so the air circulation can run smoothly. The existence of a window that can be open and closed is very important. When the atmosphere in the office room begin to stuffy, you can open the window so the fresh air can enter into the room.

The Window Should be Covered by Curtain

Office rooms that get light from natural sources usually feel hotter. Because the sun light will enter the room and increase the temperature. The solution is, prepare the dark thick curtain. If the sun light feels hot and dazzled, you can close the curtain.

Workstation Position Should be Considered

Maybe not many people realize that the workstation position in office room should be carefully planned. Use round workstation so you and your co-workers can easy to move. The flow of the wind will be more smoothly with the right workstation options. No more heat incidents that can disturb your focus.

A variety of ergonomic workstations that fit the office needs can be obtained at Enduro. You can freely choose workstations and various office furniture as needed. The best quality Enduro products will support a comfortable and pleasent office atmosphere.

Put The Ornamental Plants in The Room

There are various types of ornamental plants that suitable for small size placed in the room. The existence of ornamental plants can increase the intake of oxygen as well as clean the air. You can choose ornamental plants such as aloevera, sansiviera, aglonema, anthurium, and some other plants to beautify and refresh the office space.

Installing a Ventilating Fan

Ventilating fan is a special device to facilitate air circulation in the room. Indoor air will be removed and replaced with new air from outside the room.This simple system will make the air in your office space always fresh and free of sultry.

It’s not difficult to save energy by stopping the use of air conditioning. Do not worry about feeling overheated while working.This review definitely make you stay comfortable even though no air conditioning in the office.

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