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Curve Shaped Desk
Curve Shaped Desk

Leave your old style workstation and change it with the fancy one! with the best quality and creativity, introducing this item  to make your every single work more fun, more productive!

Features: mobile drawer, hanging cabinet, book rack, ME box outlet, mobile CPU rack , keyboard tray

Partition series:  X-65  Solid System half glass half fabric, 65mm thickness (raceway for wires and outlets and adjustable foot underneath)

Top Table: Particle board/MDF/Plywood finish MFC/HPL with PVC  Edge band

Hanging cabinet: Particle board/MDF/Plywood finish MFC/HPL with lift-up door system

Mobile drawer: Particle board/MDF/Plywood finish MFC/HPL. 2 drawers 1 file

Keyboard tray:  Particle board/MDF/Plywood finish MFC/HPL.


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