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Enduro System Furniture PT.Bangun Anugerah Hanjaya


Adalah keunggulan cara kerja dan layanan kami terhadap anda.

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    12Tahun kerja
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    RnDin house
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    2 Weeksdelivery
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    5 TahunGaransi

Kami memiliki pabrik sendiri

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Produk kami

adalah Berupa design yang dapat ditawarkan ke pelanggan untuk diperhatikan, dipakai, dan dimiliki sehingga dapat memuaskan keinginan atau kebutuhan pelanggan.



Siapa kami

Kami adalah Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Office System Furniture.

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    2004Full in-house production
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    2006ISO 9001
  • 4
    2007- New Customer Care Unit
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    2010 - show unit in Singapore
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    2012 - now Green Production


Hasil testimoni dan ungkapan client

Vovo Budiman
Vovo Budiman Direktur - Interna Gallery

Why I chose ENDURO ?

Because what I need is a good products and innovative.

Daniel M. Hutauruk
Daniel M. Hutauruk Direktur - PT. Pyramida Duta Cemerlang (Kontraktor Interior)

According to our clients, ENDURO products are excellent in terms of design and quality. This product can be aligned with other international products.

Dody Andi Winarto
Dody Andi Winarto Facility Manager - PT. Sentra Teknologi Polimer

STP Sentra Teknologi Polimer BPPT has appointed ENDURO as our supplier for office partition and furniture because of the ease of communicaton and services.Note: STP is another name of Institute for Polymer Technology.

Hendra Herbina
Hendra Herbina GA Section Head - PT. LG Electronics Indonesia

I am very careful in choosing products,either for me personally or for my company.For office workstation I always recommend ENDURO. I’m not promoting it, but trully ENDURO is a good product and I have proved it.

Diana nazir
Diana nazir PT. Artura Insanindo

In terms of aesthetic and technical,ENDURO can really understand our desire as a designer..

Last but not least, ENDURO can meet desired quality and the client’s budget...

Ir. Bambang Eryudhawan, IAI
Ir. Bambang Eryudhawan, IAI Ketua IAI DKI Jakarta

ENDURO Workstation has a comparative advantage in terms of strength of materials and the beauty of its appearance. If the quality of the design to be improved,Enduro can be a workstation to be reckoned with in the world of interior design office, not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries.

Oscar Andi
Oscar Andi Procurement Manager PT. Griya Trada

I want to share my experience working with ENDURO.

I was looking for office furniture for my project, I needed someone who can do it RAPIDLY due to our deadline. My friend recommended me ENDURO which I never heard before. I had a chance to visit their factory in BSD and we decided to Take ENDURO as soon as we agree with the budget and delivery time.

The Result : ENDURO was able to meet our projects deadline though volume is huge. The after sales service is also OK for us, they immediately follow up all the complaints.

My Conclusion : Good work ENDURO!!! Two thumbs up!!!


Adalah bentuk surat atau dokument legalitas yang terjamin mutu dan kualitas perusahaan kami.

  • EnduroplusRegistrationCertificate3copy
  • ISO90012008certificate
  • OHSAS180012007certificate
  • sertifikatenduro1
  • SertifikatVirto1

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